We don’t communicate with UNMIK, no border changes possible, Kosovo PM says

Source: N1

Ramush Haradinaj, Kosovo’s Prime Minister, said on Wednesday Pristina cut off communication with the UN Mission (UNMIK), and that the letters it sent to UN did not mirror the truth, the Beta news agency reported.

The statement followed UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ comment that Kosovo’s decision to introduce the 100 percent import tariffs on goods from Serbia and Bosnia was the most significant problem in Belgrade – Pristina relations, the Radio Free Europe (RFE) said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Haradinaj reiterated he would never agree to revoke the tariffs despite what he said was pressure and blackmail from Serbia, alluding at Belgrade’s stand that the dialogue with Pristina would not resume while the taxes were in place.

Kosovo was for a dialogue, but without conditions, he added.

Haradinaj did not mention the pressure from the US and the European Union on his Government to either suspend or lift the tariffs.

Later in the day, he said Kosovo’s authorities “don’t communicate with UNMIK any more. UNMIK people write those letters and send them there (to the UN). I don’t consider them to be true. The Kosovo – Serbia tensions, if you like, are created by the (1998-1999) war, damages and great pain, as well as by the lack of a solution in a single document on recognition,” Haradinaj said.

 He added that “as long as there is no recognition, it’s normal to have tensions.”

Haradinaj also denied what President Hashim Thaci said in Washington on Tuesday that minor border correction was possible.

“Kosovo is ready for an agreement covering all issues, and not for a deal which includes the territories and border,” Haradinaj said, in what seems to be yet another sign of a disagreement between the two leaders which started with Thaci’s idea on border correction with Belgrade and his more tolerant attitude regarding the US request for the taxes to be suspended.