University staff respond to Serbian PM Brnabic

NEWS 05.02.2019 14:38
Source: Tanjug/Dimitrije Goll

The authors of the #105 of 5 Million petition in support of the anti-government protests published an open letter over what Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on the pro-government TV Pink on February 3.

Professors and staff from the Belgrade University School of Philosophy said in their open letter that Brnabic tried to humiliate them for supporting the protests.

“Following after her (Education) Minister Mladen Sarcevic, Brnabic tried to exert political pressure and humiliate teachers and staff at the School of Philosophy who lent their support to the civic protests,” it said, adding that “her attacks and attempts to demean Professor Emeritus, former Dean and former Belgrade University Rector Marija Bogdanovic were especially reprehensible”.

The letter said that Brnabic “demeaned herself and confirmed the fear that numerous signs of dictatorship are present in the political system and that political, economic and cultural liberties have been abolished with persecution by tabloids, threats, detention, court proceedings and violence being used to intimidate and humiliate the citizens of Serbia”.

“Sadly, the current authorities do not realize that there are people acting in accord with their consciences. The teachers and staff at the School of Philosophy who support the protests will continue to respond to calls for the defence of the public interest whenever they feel it is in danger,” the open letter said.