Prosecution denies access to documents on Finance Minister’s trial

NEWS 01.02.2019 17:40
Source: N1

The office of the Serbian Commissioner for Information and Personal Data Protection said on Friday that the Higher Public Prosecution was refusing to allow access to a note ending the proceedings in a criminal case against former Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali.

The note is an official record on the decision to discontinue the proceedings which were launched against Mali, who is now Finance Minister, on the basis of a report from the Anti-Corruption Agency on his properties including classified documents.  

The Office of the Commissioner needs access to the note to decide on a complaint by someone who requested access to information. It called the authorities to obey the law on free access to public information.

The statement said the prosecution seriously obstructs the public’s right to know as guaranteed by the constitution.  

The prosecution explained that another body had classified the documents, the statement said, adding that its interpretation of the law is dangerous, illogical and runs counter to elementary knowledge of the law.