Serbian protests get support from scientists, professors abroad

NEWS 31.01.2019 18:40
Source: N1

Serbian scientists, university professors, teachers and researchers living outside the country signed a petition in support of the anti-government protests across the country.

“Serbia is living in a dictatorship. That has been clear for a long time. Under Aleksandar Vucic’s dictatorship, which has completely suspended the state of law and financially controls or uses legal, verbal and physical violence to silence journalists and the media,” a statement published on the Pescanik web site said.  

The statement listed the misdeeds of the authorities including what it said was a blockade of the investigation into the assault on an opposition politician, the party campaigns waged by regulatory agencies, appointment of party loyalists to positions which are meant to be independent, the assault on the life of journalist Jovanovic whose home was burned down and recent change of owner of two TV stations.  

The statement said the signatories see the protests as a way to bring the state back into legal frameworks and raise political awareness and expressed the hope that Serbia will be freed of dictatorship.