Serbian public figures sign petition in support of protests

NEWS 29.01.2019 18:49
Source: REUTERS/Yves Herman

About 1,000 public figures have signed an online petition in support of the weekly protests against the Serbian authorities.

The #1od5miliona (#1in5million) petition on the was signed by some 1,000 people including university professors, theatre directors and actors, journalists, playwrights and others.

The petition says that scientists have recognized “numerous signs of dictatorship” in the behaviour of the current Serbian authorities. The list of signs includes the abolishing of political, economic and cultural liberties, destruction of institutions and subordinating the general interest to individual and party interests along with persection in tabloids, threats, arrests and trials with attempts to intimidate the population with violence.  

“The authorities are refusing to respond to the demands of the population and are insulting evreryone who expresses a different opinion. They are using propaganda to hide the fact that Serbia’s economy has the slowest growth rate in Europe with some of the lowest salaries in the region,” it added.  

The petition said that the authorities have abandoned the path to Europe and good neighbour relations, leading the country into international isolation.  

The petition authors said they believe that a different, better Serbia is possible.