MK Group set to invest 500 million Euros in Serbia

NEWS 23.01.2019 09:16

The MK Group marked its 35th anniversary with a presentation of its new visual identity and values along with the managers of every division operating within the MK Group system and an announcement of new investments worth half a billion Euros.

MK Group President Miodrag Kostic said that the company would continue investing in agriculture, banking and tourism in southeastern Europe to reinforce its leading position. “When we formed the MK Group we had three employees and now we have 7,000. All of them should get credit for the success we achieved, for all the opportunities and chances which have been transformed into successful results,” Kostic said and added that one of the greatest success stories is the fact that the company has become a reliable partner over the past 35 years.  

“In its 35 years, our company has become a reliable support for all of its employees, associates, partners but above all for the 74 local communities in which it operates. It is because of that approach that a domestic company has become a regional leader in agriculture, banking and tourism which, you will agree, we can all be proud of,” Kostic said.  

MK Group CFO Dusan Radicevic spoke of the business success achieved in 2018 and of future plans.  

“The previous year saw us open the Sheraton hotel in Novi Sad, we have become the majority owner of the airport in (the Slovenian Adriatic resort) Portoroz, we have increased our shares in the Gorenjska Bank and now we are finalizing the strategic decision to merge MK Commerce member companies and Agroglobe. We are determined to strengthen our position as leader in southeaster Europe in key branches of our operations in the years to come. Since our foundation, we have invested a billion Euros into business operations and the level of ambition of our plans for the future is reflected in our intention to invest another half a billlion Euros in agriculture, banking and tourism in Serbia and the region over the next five years,” Radicevic said.  

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) regional Director for the agribusiness sector in central and southeastern Europe Miljan Zdrale said the MK Group is a reliable partner and associate.

“Companies like the MK Group are important movers of agricultural and economic growth on Adriatic region markets. We have seen through our cooperation to date that the MK Group is developing thanks to a significant promotion of corporative management which is higher quality compared to some other companies which are based on the management of one man. Based on everything we have gone through with the MK Group management, I am convinced that they are facing even better results in the future. Some 30,000 associates, farming 265,000 hectares of arrable land with the MK Group will certainly benefit from this. I look forward to new MK Group projects in the future and wish them luck,” Zdrale said.