SPS leader Dacic says he’s against early elections and protests

NEWS 04.01.2019 21:49
Source: TANJUG/printscreen

Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) leader Ivica Dacic said on Friday that he never advocated early elections or street protests.

“I have always been against early elections because the state should be in a normal, regular election cycle. However, if next year is an election year, they would not be early elections and if those elections do not harm national and state interests they can be organized,” the foreign minister said.  

Commenting the protests in Belgrade and criticism of the authorities by the opposition, Dacic said that an election victory is the best reply and warned that the protest could affect Serbia’s political stability. “Stability is especially important when important state decisions are taken and I don’t think anything will be achieved at the protests,” he said.  

According to Dacic, Serbia will be ruled by whoever wins elections. “That was always how things were,” he said.  

“When someone says let’s have elections, they ask why immediately. How do they think someone comes to power except at elections,” he said and added that this is a case of the opposition calling for elections and praying they don’t get them.  

“These are internal issue which should have no bearing on unity over state policy. Unfortunately, we are far from a consensus on the most important state and national issues and that is the greatest danger to Serbia,” he said.