Memorial service for WW2 victims in northern Serbian town

Source: N1

A memorial service was held in the Vojvodina town of Titel on Friday to mark the 77th anniversary of the World War 2 raid during which Hungarian occupation forces killed more than 4,000 Serbs, Jews and Roma.

Hungarian forces started the raid on January 4, 1942 and ended it on January 29, rounding up and summarily executing people across the southern Backa region which was under occupation. The official reason given by the occupation authorities was the suppression of resistance.  

The church service was served by Serbian Orthodox Church Bishop of Backa Irinej.   Vojvodina provincial government chief Igor Mirovic told the memorial service that the anniversary is being marked not just as a sign of respect for the victims but as a warning that crimes like this must never be repeated.  

The service was attended by representatives of Raid 1942 Memorial Society.