Journalists hand out magazines banned from Air Serbia Lounge

NEWS 27.12.2018 13:38
Source: N1

The editorial staff of three weekly magazines and a daily newspaper critical of the Serbian authorities passed out copies of their publications to travellers at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport on Thursday, days after Air Serbia airport Lounge staff were instructed not to display those publications.

Air Serbia Lounge staff were instructed by a supervisor to remove all newspapers and magazines left behind by travellers. “Pay special attention to NIN, Vreme and Nedeljnik weeklies and newspapers of similar content. They should not be exhibited,” the memo to staff said.

 Editors and journalists from Vreme, Nedeljnik and NIN weeklies and Danas daily, along with activists of the Civic Initiative NGO, handed out their publications to both travellers and Air Serbia staff. Copies of the three publications were also left at Air Serbia windows and on the shelves meant for free leaflets and newspapers.  

N1 was told by Air Serbia that the national airline does not have contracts to distribute those publications.