Serbian minster says all violence must be condemned

NEWS 20.12.2018 20:22
Tanjug/MUP Republike Srbije/Odeljenje za medije i komunikacije

Serbia’s Internal Affairs Minister said on Thursday that every form of violence has to be condemned regardless of who the perpetrator is because victims have to be protected.

“We want to oppose every form of violence. Violence is impermissible and there must not be anyone who is exposed to violence with no reaction,” the minister said at an elementary school in the town of Mladenovac outside Belgrade.

Stefanovic and OSCE mission chief Andrea Orizio were there to attend a class on what the police does as part of the subject Basic Security of Children which has been introduced at the minister’s initiative.

He said children have to understand from an early age that diversity is not a reason to resort to violence and added that the police will continue implementing intensive measures to make sure children are safe. “We will step up control of all school yards, kindergartens and nearby streets,” he said.

Orizio said the OSCE mission is proud to support the project. “This is an example of how we can achieve something very useful,” he said, adding that the text book for the subject has been translated into eight national minority languages.