Vucic to Kosovo Serbs: If you’re attacked, we’ll protect you

NEWS 14.12.2018 21:33
Source: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia’s President said on Friday “the state (of Serbia) will have the power to protect you (the Kosovo Serbs), if you're attacked by Kosovo’s army" which, he said, was formed "against the international law, the spirit of the dialogue and even contrary to the constitution of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo,” N1 reported.

He told reporters the UN Security Council resolution 1244 passed after the 1998-1999 war in the then Serbia’s rebellious province, stipulated only an international military presence and overall demilitarisation of Kosovo.

“If we have a request for demilitarisation, what army are we talking about? I ask all of them (the international community) based on what the Albanians decided to form the army? I demand from the US, UK, Germany and Pristina to specify a single act, single point based on which they dare to derogate the international law,” Vucic asked.


In a special message to the Kosovo Serbs, he said “in case of any misconduct of their army and its entry to where they are banned from in line with the agreement with NATO and without local Serbs’ consent (the north of Kosovo), and attack you, Serbia will have power to protect you,” Vucic said but did not specify.

He added Belgrade was ready to resume the dialogue on normalisation of relations with Pristina, but only if Kosovo withdrew the “idiotic” customs duties on goods from Serbia and Bosnia.

“I haven’t come in a uniform to have pictures taken or to parade… to scare anyone. We have no one to scare, but we fear no one either. We are backed into a corner, we only have left freedom and air to be taken from us, but we won’t allow it at any cost,” Vucic said.

He thanked all those from the international community who „acted rationally” in the last several days.