IRMCT appeal chamber rules to return Serbian nationalists' cases to Single Judge

NEWS 12.12.2018 21:24
Source: N1

The International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (IRMCT) Appeal Chamber decided on Wednesday to return the matter to the Single Judge to consider a new issue related to the possibility of the witnesses to testify in Serbia, a statement from the UN said on Wednesday.

It added the decision included “appropriate protective measures in the determination of whether it is in the interests of justice to refer this case to Serbia for trial” of the ultra-nationalists Petar Jojic and Vjerica Radeta.

“The Appeals Chamber … considered it appropriate for the Single Judge to consider submissions from the Amicus Curiae and Serbia, as well as, if necessary, from the Mechanism’s Witness Support and Protection Unit on this matter,” the statement added.

Jojic and Radeta were suspected in 2012 of trying to bribe and blackmail witnesses in the case against their party chief Vojislav Seselj who was later convicted of war crimes and sentenced to ten years in jail.

The Hague has demanded from Belgrade to extradite the two, but Serbia’s law on cooperation with the Hague Tribunal stipulates that only those accused of war crimes should be tried in the Hague.

The Jojic – Radeta case was taken over by the IRMCT after the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) closed down in 2017.