Bosnian FM tells Kosovo leader not to worry about Bosnia and RS

Source: N1

Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister should not worry about Bosnia and its entity Republika Srpska (RS) but should commit to the dialogue with Belgrade, Bosnian Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak told Serbian media, responding to a recent statement of Kosovo’s Enver Hoxhaj on alleged intentions to merge RS with Serbia.

“Hoxhaj should not worry about RS and Bosnia and Herzegovina, he should not connect us with Kosovo, because we have the Dayton treaty, our institutions, and we never did a single thing against anyone in the region,” said Crnadak, referring to the Dayton Peace Agreement (DPA), a document which ended the 1992-95 Bosnian war and established a government structure in that country.

“While everyone in the region is dealing with cooperation and building a mutual trust, Pristina is introducing insane 100 percent customs tariffs, making hostile pacts and producing unrest in the region,” Crnadak told Beta news agency.

Speaking for Zagreb-based daily newspaper Vecernji List, Hoxhaj said he talked to the leaderships of Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro during his visits to those countries and that they discussed forming a pact, which would “confront Serbia and its aggressive policy.”

Hoxhaj warned that everyone in the region should be “more cautious and work together,” as a possible territory swap in the region would make Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic merge Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity, RS, with Serbia.

A territory swap emerged in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue as an idea of a possible solution to the issue of Kosovo, Serbia’s region that declared independence in 2008 which Serbia disputes.

The idea was strongly objected both locally and internationally as it was believed that any border change in the region might lead to further conflicts.