Vojvodina is marking centennial since it joined Serbia

NEWS 25.11.2018 16:23
Source: Tanjug/Jaroslav Pap

Vojvodina is marking 100 years since its parliament approved the province ’s separation from Hungary and its annexation to the Kingdom of Serbia on November 25, 1918.

The anniversary will be marked as the Vojvodina Day for the first time.

A museum dedicated to the event was opened in Novi Sad and will display artefacts about the decision, its actors and the centuries-long strive of Serbs to realise their political and other rights.

The President of the province’s Government, Igor Mirovic, said at the ceremony that the institution will make sure the people and the event will never be forgotten.

„This is a hugely important event because a century ago, the territories of Vojvodina have joined Serbia by the will of 757 lawmakers,” Mirovic said, adding that the wheel of history had changed its direction that day.

Maja Gojkovic, the President of Serbia’s Parliament said that the vote 100 years ago was the most important decision made by the Vojvodina Parliament in the 20th century.

Unity is the best defence against any dangers and freedom and equality of all of its citizens regardless of their religion and nationality are Serbia’s highest values.