Separatist posters in Vojvodina

NEWS 24.11.2018 14:33
Source: N1

Posters hinting a secession of Vojvodina appeared on Saturday in several cities of the northern Serbian province.

“After 100 years, even Hong Kong said goodbye,” the posters, signed by the Mlada Vojvodina association, said.

The posters were plastered on walls in the cities of Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Kovacica, Bela Crkva, Vrsac, Srbobran, Vrbas, Novi Becej, Kikinda.

Hong Kong was a U.K. colony for 99 years before it was returned to China in 1997 as a special administrative region. Authorities in Novi Sad are marking this weekend 100 years since Vojvodina joined Serbia.

The Mlada Vojvodina is known for similar actions from before. The organisation stated earlier that it was a “revolutionary republican movement,” which is not formally registered. It gathers “young people from some 15 towns” of Vojvodina who are “fed up with weak and mild pro-autonomy politicians.”

Mlada Vojvodina became more known to the wider public when it put up graffiti saying “Vojvodina=Catalonia” after the separatists won the election in that Spanish province.