Fabrizi: local communities help Serbia’s EU accession

NEWS 14.11.2018 15:57
Source: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

Local communities have to implement the European Union acquis communautaire and help Serbia’s accession to the Union, EU Delegation chief Sem Fabrizi said in the city of Kragujevac on Wednesday.

“It’s important for local communities to implement the acquis communautaire to the greatest possible extent. Not only do we have to strengthen the economy of the entire country but we also have to bring municipalities and local administration to the level at which it can communicate with the EU,” Fabrizi said.  

According to Fabrizi, laws on the environment, agriculture and the economy have to be drawn up and implemented at local level. “The public administration at local level must be able to manage funds. Local communities must be able to help Serbia accede to the EU,” he said.  

The EU Delegation chief was in Kragujevac to award 40 infrastructure projects to mayors and local government representatives in 34 local communities worth six million Euros. He recalled that the EU PRO project worth 25 million Euros over a three-year period had been launched in March with focus on developing the economy and infrastructure.