Kosovo leaders: Attackers on Serbs to be found

NEWS 22.10.2018 13:00
Source: AFP/Armend NIMANI/Dimitar Dilkoff

Both Kosovo’s President and Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj condemned the stoning of two buses carrying Serbs on a return ride from a visit to a local Serb Orthodox church and urged the institutions in Pristina on Monday to identify and find those responsible, the Beta news agency reported.

No one was injured in Sunday’s incident near the town of Istok, in eastern Kosovo.

Thaci wrote on his Facebook profile that all citizens of Kosovo had the right to freedom of movement and practising their religions and that those who did not respect that and violate the inter-ethnic harmony worked against Kosovo.

“I call upon all officials in charge of implementing the laws to bring to justice those responsible for this grisly attack,” Thaci wrote.

Haradinaj also resorted to the Facebook, writing that the attack on the buses carrying Serbs, was “unacceptable and punishable, regardless of who the perpetrators are.”

“Kosovo and its institutions are committed to peace and stability, and every attack on citizens is an attack on the common European values and is harmful to our Republic,” the Prime Minister wrote on his profile.