Former Croatian leader: Border change in Balkans lead to war

NEWS 19.10.2018 17:40
Source: N1

Former Croatia’s President Stjepan Mesic said on Friday that the “architecture of Europe was completed with Pristina’s independence,” and warned that the “border changes, as suggested in solving the Kosovo issue, would lead to new wars and catastrophes,” the FoNet news agency reported.

“All aggressors in the history of Europe started wars under the excuse of protecting their national minorities, while it was always about conquering the territories,” Mesic told the Vienna Standard newspaper.

He added that Europe could succeed if it excluded war as a political mean “since the motive of protecting anyone’s national minority does not exist any more.”

“A Frenchman can now live on both sides of the border with Germany thanks to legal rules adopted by everyone,” he said, adding that Europe should remain united.

“If we open borders, then Albanians won’t care which side of it they live on. The same goes for the Serbs, as it is the case with Frenchmen and Germans,” Mesic said.

Asked about countries like France, Hungary and  the US which support the idea of a land swap between Serbia and Kosovo, Mesic said that “neither America nor France realises what the border change would mean.”

“It would be equal to a castle falling apart. The world must not accept that,” Mesic added.