Early elections not excluded, Serbia’s President says

NEWS 18.10.2018 15:58
Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic confirmed on Thursday he had a meeting with the closest party allies, but would not say if the topics included early elections, adding that if there was a pressure that could happen, the Beta news agency reported.

Speaking to reporters at the sidelines of the Belgrade Security Forum conference, Vucic said he would not like to stay in power with the support of five-six percent of the voters, although the elections should be called in two years.

He added that he had full confidence in Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and if she said there was a need for the Government reshuffle then it would be so.

“We have meetings, we talk and will see what the future brings. We are entering the election year next March, and then anything is possible,” Vucic said.

Asked by an Albanian reporter about the conditions under which Belgrade may recognise Kosovo’s independence, Vucic has said that “if you are waiting for your wish list to become a reality because the US will pressure us, you will wait forever.”

He reiterated that Serbia was seeking a compromise. “We have to talk and reach a solution painful for both sides. Anything else is not a solution.”

Belgrade and Pristina both have to slightly correct their starting positions, “since that is the essence of a compromise,” Vucic said.

But, if there is no compromise, he added, “we will only dig deeper trenches, hopefully, political, not military, because we need peace, safety and better relations.”