Russian market open to Serbia, ministers say

NEWS 11.10.2018 21:38

The Russian market is open to foodstuffs from Serbia, Minister Nenad Popovic and Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitriy Patrushev said on Thursday.

A press release from Minister Popovic’s cabinet quoted Patrushev as saying that Serbian producers should export more to Russia and benefit from the customs-free agreement between the two countries.  

Popovic is a minister without portfolio in charge of innovations and technological development who has connections in Russia.  

“As a member of the inter-governmental Serbia-Russia committee I will personally invest effort to increase bilateral cooperation in agriculture and the food industry because that is the sector with the biggest growth potential which can bring quick, concrete benefits to all citizens of Serbia,” Popovic is quoted as saying.  

He invited Patrushev to visit Serbia and see its innovation potential in agriculture which the Russian minister said he would do over the next few months.