Serbian official warns of denial of access to information

NEWS 28.09.2018 15:58
Source: N1

Serbia’s Commissioner for public information and personal data protection Rodoljub Sabic warned on Friday that his office is facing a financial blockade.

“This institution has been brought to a situation in which is is facing a financial blockade. If nothing happens soon, we won’t have the money to pay the staff by the end of the year,” Sabic told a gathering to mark the international right to know day.  

The commissioner also warned that the government was not meeting its obligations under the law, primarily the obligation to ensure that the commissioner’s rulings are implemented and the public is granted access to information when someone denies that right.  

The State Administration Ministry is “selectively and symbolically launching proceedings against people who break the law (on access to information) and its steps are just slightly above a cosmetic level”, Sabic said.