Pristina opposition leader: Serious threats to Kosovo

Source: N1

The leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance for Kosovo (LDK) said that Pristina was facing the biggest challenges since its independence (in 2008), the FoNet news agency carried Kosovo media report on Friday.

Isa Mustafa wrote on his Facebook account that the ideas on border correction, territory swap and special autonomy for the Serbs in Kosovo present “a serious threat” for everything Pristina achieved in the last ten years.

“There is no reason for Kosovo, after being recognised by 116 countries, to question its statehood only because Serbia does not recognise it,” Mustafa said.

The other Kosovo opposition parties are also against it, suspecting that could include the secession of the northern part and its merger with Serbia.

Belgrade has not declared its stand, saying it is for a compromising solution which could be acceptable to both sides, though Serbia’s President has said he favours the separation from the Albanians, without elaborating.

On the other hand, Kosovo’s ruling politicians are at odds regarding a solution expected from the EU-facilitated Belgrade – Pristina dialogue.

President Hashim Thaci advocates the so-called border correction which, in his words, will mean the annexation of Serbia’s southern region of Presevo Valley mostly populated by ethnic Albanians.

However, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj opposes the idea, fearing it could lead to a new tragedy, following the 1998-1999 war in Kosovo.