Mothers Rule condemns Serbian ruling party MP

NEWS 26.09.2018 21:11
Source: Mame su zakon

The Mothers Rule (Mame su Zakon) organization sharply condemned ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) MP Aleksandar Martinovic for saying that they staged a party protest against the Serbian government.

A statement said that Martinovic was targetting the most vulnerable and economically humiliated group of more than 1,000 women who took part in Tuesday’s peaceful march to protest against the new law on financial support to families with children. “Why wasnt the MP from the parliamentary majority speaking out and why did he keep silent in the debate on the law which will leave a large number of new mothers with an income of just a few thousand Dinars, some of who will get between 1,000 and 3,000 Dinars (1 Euro – 119 Dinars)? Why wasn’t he doing his job then,” the statement said.  

It added that Martinovic was behaving “shamefully and inappropriately” when he tried to “settle political accounts through pregnant women, new mothers and their wallets”.  

The Mothers Rule organization called the parliamentary majority to debate the draft amendments to the law on financial support for families with children submitted during the protest by opposition MP Tatjana Macura.   Several opposition leaders were present at Tuesday’s protest.