Mothers Rule protest in central Belgrade

NEWS 25.09.2018 19:20
Source: N1

The Mothers Rule protest was staged on Tuesday in central Belgrade to express the dissatisfaction of young parents against what organizers say is a discriminatory law on payments for maternity leave.

Several hundred young mothers, pregnant women, fathers and children marched from central Nikola Pasic square to the Serbian government building during the protest.  

The gathering was organized through social networks with the organizers stating the it was not political and was intended to draw attention to the fact that in some cases new mothers would be getting as little as 1,000 Dinars a month (1 Euro – 119 Dinars) in maternity leave payments.  

The new regulations lowered those payments for mothers who have less than 18 months on their job, entrepreneurs and mothers with handicapped children among others.  

A group of mothers and MP Tatjana Macura submitted draft amendments to the law on financial support for families with children which would ensure that maternity leave pay is not below the minimum wage.