Serbian IT exports reach 1 billion Euros

NEWS 06.09.2018 17:00
Source: N1

The Serbian IT industry’s exports in the first half of the year totalled a billion Euros or 10 percent of the GDP, a senior trade ministry official said at a regional IT conference on Thursday.

Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Ministry State Secretary Tatjana Matic said that last year’s exports by the IT sector stood at 900 million Euros, adding that a growth of 30 percent is expected this year.  

Speaking at the DIGITAL 2018 conference, she said Serbia’s main problem in the field of digitalization is a lack of developed infrastructure. The IT industry would have even higher earnings if the necessary infrastructure was in place. Broadband is available in 60 percent of the country at present.  

An investment of 110 million Euros into broadband would bring a growth of 16 percent to the IT sector and a rise of 2-2.5 percent to the GDP, she said.