Kosovo’s PM: Borders and lands are not issues

Source: N1/ Zana Cimili

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj reiterated on Wednesday his government stand that there would not be either the partition of Kosovo or changes of borders, the Zeri daily reported.

He said that the government’s position was clear – “we strive for a (legally) binding agreement between the two countries and the mutual recognition of Kosovo and Serbia.”

 “Boundaries and territory are not issues in the discussions. No one in Kosovo has the mandate to negotiate that. (The talks about) Boundaries and territory are a step back for Kosovo now, and they destabilise the region and suit only (Russian) President Vladimir Putin. No one else has any interest in that,” Haradinaj said.

Commenting on Kosovo President Hashim Thaci’s statements on the issue, Haradinaj said he understood them as Thaci’s response to what had been said in Belgrade.

“That will be cleared in future, but it is not possible that someone negotiates Kosovo’s borders and territory,” Haradinaj said.