Thaci: No partition of Kosovo, no land swap

NEWS 27.08.2018 10:44
Source: N1

Kosovo won’t be divided, and there won’t be any exchange of territories, Kosovo’s President told the Vienna Der Standard daily on Monday.

In an interview carried by the KosSev website, Hashim Thaci said he had not heard that Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic “will suggest anything” during his visit to Kosovo in September.

Vucic said that he would address the Kosovo Serbs on September 9 to brief them on the European Union-facilitated Belgrade – Pristina dialogue aiming at normalisation of relations, after his meeting with Thaci in Brussels on September 7.

Serbia’s President said he would not have a solution by then.

“Kosovo will remain multi-ethnic (society). But we have to solve animosities that exist for more than 200 years,” Thaci told the paper, adding that “we should not remain trapped within the borders established during (late Yugoslav leader Josip Broz) Tito’s rule.”

“We should not be hostages of the borders formed during the old Yugoslavia. That country does not exist any more. Kosovo has good neighbourly relations with Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. That’s why no one should feel threatened by a possible agreement between Kosovo and Serbia,” Thaci said.

Asked if an eventual solution would mean that Belgrade had to recognise Kosovo as an independent state explicitly, Thaci said that any agreement “has only one meaning – a mutual recognition and Kosovo as a full member of the international community and the United Nations.”

Thaci and Vucic met in Austria during the weekend, and both described the dialogue as a tough one, with Vucic adding the two had still been far apart from agreeing on a solution.

He said that if there would be any solution envisaging Serbia’s recognition of Kosovo’s independence for nothing in return that “won’t happen in a hundred years.”