Bieber: Vucic and Thaci don’t want quick Kosovo solution

NEWS 26.08.2018 18:50
Source: N1

Neither Serbia’s nor Kosovo’s President want a quick solution to the Kosovo problem, according to professor at the Centre for South European Studies in Graz, Florian Bieber.

„I ask myself whether both presidents want some kind of quick solution,“ Bieber told N1 on Sunday. „They want to keep talking about it.“

„The EU would later be tending to other things – the rule of law, corruption, so I think that the signing of some legally binding document will either way not take place in the spring,“ Bieber said.

The professor said he does not understand the message that came from Aleksandar Vucic after he met with Hashim Thaci at the Alpbach European Forum on Saturday, where the Serbian President asked the international community to let Serbs and Albanians solve the Kosovo issue themselves and expressed dissatisfaction regarding the attempts by other countries to influence the content of a possible agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.

„I don’t understand how he wants to achieve this, if the aim is changing borders, how would consequences to other countries in the region be avoided?“ Bieber asked.

A solution is not in sight as there are still many unknown issues, he said.

„It will not happen that fast, I expect a lot of opposition to the division … and how would both Serbia and Kosovo be rewarded for reaching an agreement,“ he said.

So far ethnic borders were rejected as solutions and Bieber said he fears this could destabilise the region rather than be a solution.