Vucic: Finding an agreement with Thaci will be difficult

NEWS 26.08.2018 16:08
Source: Tanjug/Služba za saradnju sa medijima predsednika Republike Srbije

Coming to an agreement with Pristina over territorial issues will be difficult, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday, adding that the differences between him and Kosovo President Hashim Thaci on the subject are too big.

„It will not go easily and it is not easy. We both know that the differences between us in trying to find any sort of compromise are too big,“ Vucic told journalists in Austria.

He said his pessimism is based on the „situation in reality.“

Every kind of agreement will be difficult for Serbia, but not necessarily „humiliating“, he said, adding that should the entire European Union not support an agreement between them, there will be no agreement at all.

He said he was „not afraid“ of a possibility that the discussions could become „impossible.“

Vucic said that the basis of why the international community is advocating for a negotiation is to tell Serbia that it completely lost Kosovo and that if it tries to get anything, Serbia will look like „the bad guys.“

He also commented on a statement from UK Ambassador to Serbia, Denis Keefe, who said that when considering the swapping of territories between Serbia and Kosovo, the consequences of such an arrangement should be taken into account.

„Then why did you change the borders in 2008?“ Vucic asked, referring to the year when Kosovo declared independence from Serbia.