Belgrade daily confirms: Putin in Serbia on November 11

NEWS 17.08.2018 11:02
Source: Tanjug/AP Photo/Themba Hadebe, Pool

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will be in Belgrade for Serbia’s grand military parade on the occasion of the centennial of the victory in the First World War, the Vecernje Novosti daily confirmed on Friday.

 This will be Putin’s second visit to Serbia after he attended a previous military parade in honour of the liberation of Belgrade in WWII, in October 2014.

The Remembrance Day is observed on November 11 in most countries to recall the end of hostilities of WWI. They formally ended „at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month“, in accordance with the armistice signed by representatives of Germany and the Entente.

Belgrade will mark the 100th anniversary by showing 100 tanks and a new anti-aircraft short range missile system.