Tax inspectors shut down cafes in Serbian capital

NEWS 15.08.2018 22:25
Source: N1

Tax inspectors have shut down 10 restaurants and cafes in exclusive locations across the Serbian capital, including the Savanova restaurant which is part of the Belgrade Waterfront project.

Savanova, which the authorities have called the first building in the Belgrade Waterfront project, was shut down because its owner failed to register employees.  

A majority of the restaurants and cafes whose closure was ordered by tax inspectors have put up notices saying that their staff were on collective holiday instead of notices informing the public about the real reasons for the closure.  

N1 was told by Tax Authority sources that failure to register staff and respect their rights are the main reasons for the closures of the restaurants and cafes with failure to register sales and issue receipts coming in second. The Tax Authority sources said that cafes are a major source of the grey economy for both those reasons.