Hornets invade Serbia’s southern town

NEWS 09.08.2018 17:22
Source: Shutterstock

In the last two months, 240 people in the southern town of Kursumlija sought medical help after being stung by hornets, the Beta news agency reported.

The head of town’s Emergency Room Nena Vuckovic, told the agency that only one older woman was in life threatening condition after being attacked by over a hundred hornets.

Vuckovic said that the number of patients this summer far exceeded those recorded in the last several years.

She added that the allergic reaction to hornet’s sting was different than the usual “We treated ten patients yesterday morning.

Our records show that in the last ten days 70 people sought help, what is a drastic increase,” Vuckovic said, adding the victims were mostly fruit harvesters.

The hornets like warm and humid conditions and nest in trees and the fruit season is ideal for them.

Hornet stings are more painful to humans than typical wasp stings because they are bigger insects and their venom contains a large amount of acetylcholine.

Individual hornets can sting repeatedly and unlike honey bees, hornets and wasps do not die after stinging because their stingers do not stay in victim’s body.

Sometimes their stings could be fatal if people are hyper allergic and subject to many stings at the same time.