Baby food in Serbia more expensive than in Germany

NEWS 08.08.2018 11:28

The same store, the same food, only in a different country and with a different price – baby food in Serbia costs 1.7 Euros, while the Germans pay 0,75 for a bottle, the Kamatica website reported on Wednesday.

An average salary in Serbia is 416 Euros, while in Germany it’s almost five times higher reaching 2,000 Euros.

For other necessities for babies and small children parents in Serbia also have to pay more than those in Germany.

Juices there cost 0,75 Euro-cents, while in Serbia the prices vary from 1,2 Euros when on sale to a regular cost of 1,5 Euros.

Baby pumps cost some 50 Euros in Serbia, while in Germany the price is less than 30 Euros.

Some other products are also cheaper in the West, says the website, and adds that the reasons for such discrepancy are the strong importers’ lobby, substantial trade margins (from 40 to 140 percent) and the lack of healthy competition.

Serbia has recently launched a campaign to motivate couples to have more children since the population is rapidly ageing. The government decided to financially help future parents with 85 Euros for the first child one time, and with the same amount per month for two years for the second newborn.

Those who opt for three children can count on some 100 Euros monthly in ten years, while for the fourth child, parents will receive a total of 18,000 Euros in a decade.