LP: from one hit wonder to music star

NEWS 26.07.2018 16:48
Source: N1

One of the biggest names on today's music stage – LP performed on the 18th annual Exit festival in Novi Sad in front of some 40, 000 people who came to see the artist who was considered a One Hit Wonder two years ago, but has grown into so much more.

The first time people heard her on the radio mid-2016 in the US, everyone assumed it was Gwen Stefani. Or Stevie Nicks. There are vocal similarities, but there is a drastic difference.

Those who follow pop music and are interested in the name of the authors of the songs have noticed Laura Pergolizzi’s name next to those of the singers Cher, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera.

She is now a solo artist who performs under the name LP with her biggest hit “Lost on You”. LP performed on the main stage of the Exits festival in Novi Sad on July 12.

You can watch LP’s interview with N1 here: