Belgrade Court rules not to rehabilitate Nazi collaborator

NEWS 26.07.2018 10:09
Source: Printscreen

A Belgrade court has ruled against the rehabilitation of the head of the World War II Serbian puppet government who was declared a war criminal and Nazi collaborator by the post war Communist authorities.

The Higher Court on Thursday released its July 11, 2018 ruling against the rehabilitation of war-time Prime Minister Milan Nedic, saying the petition to the court by his family and several organizations representing political prisoners and victims of the Communist regime was unfounded.  

The court document says that the presumption that “Milan Nedic was arrested without any court or administrative decision and was a victim of persecution for political or ideological reasons” was groundless.  

Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti said in its Thursday issue that the court did not abolish the 1949 Yugoslav government decree declaring Nedic a collaborater and war criminal. Nedic’s property was seized under the decree and his civic rights were suspended.  

Nedic, a decorated general officer in the Serbian and Yugoslav royal armies who commanded troops in World War I, served as Serbian Prime Minister during the Nazi occupation. His government was disbanded early in October 1944 and fled the coutry. Nedic was handed to the Yugoslav post-war authorities early in 1946 by British forces. According to official records, he committed suicide by jumping from a window during interrogation and was never formally charged.