Demographics do not change overnight, Serbian minister says

NEWS 24.07.2018 11:56
Source: N1

Grants for population policy projects won’t change things overnight, Serbian Minister without portfolio Slavica Djukic Dejanovic said adding that she expects positive results in 10 to 15 years.

Speaking on the N1 morning show Novi Dan, the minister in charge of demography and population policy said experience from other countries showed that stimulative population measures lead to, at the very least, an easing of the drop in birth rates.  

Djukic Dejanovic signed contracts on grants worth 500 million Dinars (about 4 million Euros) to co-finance population policy projects in 61 municipalities across the country. More than half of the grants are intended for pre-school facilities and the rest for health care facilities, subsidies for young families to start businesses and build housing and youth advisory centres.  

The minister said the money will be paid out over the next few days and the recipients will be obliged to spend it only on the projects they applied with.  

She called local authorities to use their own funds to help implement national population program projects.