Bosniak leader: Serbia does not respect minority rights

NEWS 23.07.2018 15:01
Source: N1

A Bosniak national minority leader said on Monday that minority rights are not being respected in Serbia and warned that Serbian state bodies are a threat to Bosniaks.

Bosniak National Council President Sulejman Ugljanin also accused the Serbian government of making statements which, in his view, are dangerous threats to the Bosniak people living in the Sandzak area in western Serbia. He called the European Union, OSCE and United Nations to urgently investigate those threats.  

“The Prime Minister should apologise to the Bosniak people for the threats as should the Defence Minister because Serbian state bodies, especially the armed forces, are a real and objective threat to the Bosniaks,” Ugljanin told reporters in the seat of the Council in Novi Pazar.  

“Serbian state bodies, that is the temporary bodies of the Republic of Serbia with a Serb prefix, the president, prime minister and MP are legitimate representatives of the Serbian people. We can and will talk to them about our future relations, but they are not our prime minister, president or MPs,” the former cabinet minister said.

Ugljanin served in the government under Prime Ministers Ivica Dacic and Aleksandar Vucic.