Moscow urges solution acceptable to Serbia

NEWS 20.07.2018 21:29
Source: Shutterstock

Moscow advocates a solution to the Kosovo problem acceptable to Serbia, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mariya Zaharova said on Friday.

“We are firmly opposed to artificial deadlines in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue. We start from the fact that a solution for the Kosovo problem is possible only in conditions which are acceptable to Serbia,” Zaharova told the Beta news agency.  

“Russia’s position is that the process has to respect international law and that the cornerstone to resolve the Kosovo issue is UN Security Council resolution 1244 under which Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia,” she said when asked about Moscow’s response if Belgrade and Pristina reach an agreement without Moscow’s involvement or consultations with it.

Beta recalled that Russian Duma MP Sergey Zhelezniak said earlier this week that Russia will not support a separate agreement under discussion in Brussels. The Sputnik portal reported him as saying that “a separate agreement with self-proclaimed Pristina which the European Union External Action Service is forcing on Serbia, is aimed at documenting the division of Serbia into Kosovo-Albanian and Serbia parts”, with both parts becoming NATO protectorates.