French Ambassador visits Serbia’s Petnica Science Centre

NEWS 20.07.2018 19:38
Source: Petnica

The French Ambassador to Serbia Frederic Mondoloni visited the Petnica Science Centre on Friday to open an exhibition and lecture on climate change.

A press release from Petnica said that the ambassador spoke about the Paris agreement on climate change and the obligations of all signatory states, adding that every inhabitant of the planet now has to invest efforts to lessen the effects of climate change.  

The ambassador also opened the exhibit accompanying the Caravan for climate – Everyone Active in the Fight Against Climate Change project which was drawn up by the French Institute in Serbia and the embassy in cooperation with the Petnica Centre.  

“This is a topic which has been present in Petnica for a number of years and we are presenting it to the participants in all our programs because it is an inter-disciplinary topic and because everyone should be informed about the topic that affects all of mankind,” Petnica Programme Director Nikola Bozic is quoted as saying.  

The Petnica Centre has been organizing programs for interested students in a number of fields since 1982 and has hosted some 50,000 young people since then.