Kosovo’s Thaci: US has its representative in Brussels

NEWS 29.06.2018 22:25

Hashim Thaci, the President of Kosovo, told the Government session on Friday that the US strongly supported the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue on normalisation of relations and that it “always” had its representative in Brussels to coordinate the process.

The Belgrade-based Beta news agency quoted Thaci as saying he had two working meetings with the US delegate, who he did not identify.

“These regular consultations with our strategic partner, the US, as well as with the other important European countries which support this process are essential,” Thaci told the MPs.

In an apparent effort to appease the resistance he faces from the nationalist opposition which is against any deal with Belgrade, he promises the parliamentarians he will brief them on every instance of the dialogue. He called on all parties to take part in the process.

Thaci said that Kosovo had to accept the dialogue and take part in it, because “the eventual failure to reach an agreement would mean a fragile peace and tense relations with a negative impact on and beyond the region.”

He added that those reasons “and many others which I would not mention oblige us to work decisively to find a way and courage to reach a final agreement.”

Thaci said that Kosovo should accept the talks as the only way for normalisation with Serbia because otherwise “the EU and other partners would blame Kosovo for the failure of the dialogue.”