Macedonia to ratify name deal next week

NEWS 29.06.2018 16:05
Source: N1

The Macedonian Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said Skopje would for the second time vote on July 5 or 6 on the country name deal it agreed with Greece, local media reported.

The Parliament, known as Sobranije, has already ratified the agreement renaming the country into North Macedonia, but the President Gjorge Ivanov vetoed it and said he would never sign it forcing another parliamentary vote.

In case of yet another Ivanov’s refusal, Xhaferi said the parliament could, with consent from Greece, published it in the Official Gazette, thus making it legal.

Ivanov, supported by the Macedonian nationalists and in apparent breach of the constitution, earlier refused to sign the law on the use of the Albanian language after the Sobranie passed it for the second time, but Skopje solved the issue by publishing it in the Gazette which gave the law necessary legitimacy.

Media said that Xhaferi left “some time” to Ivanov to change his mind although the president reiterated he would not give in under any pressure.

The citizens would have the final word on a referendum on the new name North Macedonia which foreign ministers of the two countries signed on June 17, most likely in September or October.