Serbian, Russian Foreign Ministers meet in Moscow

NEWS 28.06.2018 13:42
Source: Ministarstvo spoljnih poslova Srbije

The Russian and Serbian Foreign Ministers, Sergey Lavrov and Ivica Dacic met in Moscow on Thursday to discuss bilateral relations and the expanding of all ties between the two countries.

A Serbian Foreign Ministry statement said they also discussed mutual support in international organizations, adding that they said the high level of trust and contacts show that their relations are developing productively and in continuity. It said Dacic voiced gratitude for Moscow’s firm and consistent support for Serbia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.  

Dacic was presented with a jersey in the Russian national football team colors with his name and the number 10 on it.  

Dacic had a separate meeting with deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov who co-chairs the Serbia-Russia inter-governmental committee on trade and economic and scientific-technical cooperation. The ministry statement said they discussed the promoting of cooperation in the economy, energy and agriculture and joint economic projects.