WWF calls for ban on sterlet sturgeon fishing

NEWS 27.06.2018 15:03
Source: Shutterstock

The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) on Wednesday called for a ban on catching an endangered species of Sturgeon in Serbia.

The WWF said that the ban on catching sterlet should be in place for at least five years to allow its population to grow.  

According to a WWF study, the sterlet sturgeon species is being hunted intensively throughout the year, despite a seasonal ban.  

“The free sale of sterlet below the 40 cm size set by law has been documented both in restaurants and markets across Serbia. This is preventing the sterlet population from growing,” Vesna Maksimovic of WWF Adria said.  

The sterlet sturgeon species is found in the Danube, Sava, Tisa, Velika Morava and parts of the Zapadna Morava rivers.  

The WWF has found that the sterlet is an endangered species in Serbia because of overfishing, destruction of its natural habitat with the construction of dams and the introduction of invasive species as well as industrial pollution.