Missing journalist under police protection

NEWS 18.06.2018 22:35
Source: Medija centar Beograd

Serbian journalist Stefan Cvetkovic, who went missing last week, told the Beta news agency that the police had given him a protection detail.

“I was told that the security assessment was that I need 24 hour police security. I said I have nothing against that if that is their assessment,” Cvetkovic said.

He said he would hold a press conference on Tuesday at 1:00 pm at Belgrade’s Media Centre regardless of any new security circumstances.

Cvetkovic went missing on the night of Wednesday-Thursday last week. The police found his car with the lights on and doors open in his home town of Bela Crkva. His mobile phones were turned off at the time. The authorities reported on Friday that he had been found but disclosed no details about the incident or his whereabouts.

No one knew where Cvetkovic was between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon when he returned to his parents’ home.

He told the Beta news agency that he would not be there today if there had not been a public reaction to his disappearance.