Serbia’s minister promises new talks on raspberry prices

NEWS 18.06.2018 14:12

Only hours after the raspberry growers in Serbia said they would stage new protest over what they see as low prices, Minister Branislav Nedimovic said he would talk to the freezers’ owner to see if an increase was possible.

Farmers’ Association President Dobrivoje Radovic told the Beta news agency that Nedimovic said he had held talks with the freezers’ owners, mentioning that prices could go up and be between 1.06 and 1.14 Euros instead of 0.42 to 0.68 Euro per kilogram as they are now.

Nedimovic said he would continue the talks.

However, Radovic did not say whether the minister’s promise would change their decision to stage a protest on June 22 across Serbia, since the grower demanded the price of 1.7 Euros a kilogram.

The farmers had already protested earlier in June when about 2,000 of them gathered on the state road in south-western Serbia, but the police intervened and prevented them from moving further moving.

Both Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and minister Nedimovic had earlier said that the government did not influence the price of raspberries, prompting farmers to threaten to end the harvest if prices didn’t go up.

In the meantime, Polish farmers on Monday also stopped picking raspberries, black currant and other similar fruit, demanding higher prices and requesting from their government to pass a new law on the purchasing.

The production of one kilogram of raspberries in Poland costs 0.79 Euro, while they can sell them for only 0.51 or 0.56 Euros, according to official data.

Last year the price was 0.81 Euro.