Serbia’s journalist victim, not suspect

NEWS 15.06.2018 23:03
Source: Medija centar

Public Prosecutor from the northern town of Vrsac said late on Friday that journalist Stefan Cvetkovic, who was missing for 40 hours, gave a statement “which may be considered as an abduction report.”

Tihomir Knezevic said that due to the nature of the statement Cvetkovic gave to the Crime Police Department, he did not need a lawyer.

“For now, he (Cvetkovic) is not suspected of anything, but is treated as a victim,” Knezevic said, adding the details would be available later but did not specify when.

Cvetkovic went missing during the night between Wednesday and Thursday from the street in his home-town of Bela Crkva.

 Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic told a news conference earlier on Friday that the journalist was found “alive and healthy”.

Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said Cvetkovic had to give a statement and that his rights were respected, but that the whole story was “weird.”

His disappearance caused worries among fellow journalists at home and abroad after it was revealed that he had reported life threats.