Serbia’s Interior Minister: Journalist's rights guaranteed

NEWS 15.06.2018 21:00
Source: Tanjug

Serbia’s Interior Minister said on Friday that the journalist Stefan Cvetkovic who was missing and found after almost 40 hours was giving a statement to police and that all his rights, from legal help to medical aid, were guaranteed.

Nebojsa Stefanovic was answering to earlier requests by two independent journalists’ associations about Cvetkovic’s whereabouts after he was found in the vicinity of the northern Bela Crkva town where he went missing from.

 “A detailed analysis is in work, he (Cvetkovic) is giving the statement to the Police Crime Department. I see there are a lot of worries… He has all rights, his safety is guaranteed in the Interior Ministry building. But the whole story is weird,” Stefanovic told the state RTS television.

He added he expected that Cvetkovic would finish the statement on Friday night, and that “in the next several days we will have a complete story of what has happened, who took part in it and why.”

Stefanovic told the TV that on Thursday, one of primary information that followed the story about Cvetkovic’s disappearance was his reported investigative work on the January assassination of a Kosovo Serb leader in Pristina.

“The word was that his disappearance had something to do with that, with the state system, regime, Government… Now the spin is that he agreed his disappearance. I believe that it is important that people realised how dangerous is to misuse information.” Stefanovic said, adding that for him the most important thing was

  that Cvetkovic was found alive and unharmed.