Green market auctions earn Serbian capital 3.2 million Euro

NEWS 06.06.2018 16:22
Source: N1

A stall at one of Belgrade’s open air green markets was auctioned off for almost 5,000 Euro, the city markets communal company said on Wednesday.

The stall at the Banjica market had a starting price of 25,000 Dinars (about 200 Euro) and ended up with a price tag of 570,000 Dinars (4,800 Euro) following a bidding war between five people. Stalls at the city markets are rented for an indefinite period as long as the lease holder pays current expenses.  

The press release said that the auction for the rental of stalls and market shops brought in some 3.2 million Euro. Auctions for leases on stalls and shops were introduced two years ago. Open air markets are the main source of produce for the majority of people in Serbia and the stalls are leased by farmers and produce re-sellers.