Ex-Yu New York residence sold for 12.1 million dollars

NEWS 04.06.2018 10:38
Source: Shutterstock

The former Yugoslav successor states will split 12.1 million dollars from the sale of the residential apartment in 730 Park Avenue in New York which has been empty since 1992 when its last occupant left the United States, Serbia’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

  The Ministry’s statement has added that Serbia’s part is about 3.5 million dollars, while Croatia will get some 2.1.

The amounts are part of Annex B of the Agreement on succession and are the first such successful effort among the former Yugoslav republics.

The apartment in the New York Park Avenue was empty for 26 years after the last Yugoslav representative to the UN left the city.

The price was affected by the state of the apartment following a long time of not being used.

After the New York residence, former Yugoslav republics will sell the property of the country’s permanent mission to UN also in the Big Apple, and former embassies/residences in Bonn, Bern and Tokyo.