Serbia unhappy with Eulex work, says it was biased

NEWS 25.05.2018 11:08
Source: N1

The President of Serbia’s Parliament Committee for Kosovo said on Friday that there were no reasons for satisfaction with a total result of the Eulex work, but added it was a hope for the Serbs.

Milovan Drecun said that a decade-long European Union’s legal body mandate in Kosovo was most unfair and biased against the Serbs.

A Kosovo leader and Eulex chief in Kosovo said on Thursday the mission would end on June 14.

Drecun said that there were many charges of alleged corruption involving the Eulex staff, but that the body, after all, represented a hope for the Serbs to realise their rights.

“That (the Eulex departure) will destabilise the Serbs and deprive them of the last possibility to fulfil their right and obligations,” Drecun said.

He said that the local institutions in Kosovo could not secure the respect of human rights and freedom to the Serbs there “because they discriminate them”, adding that active international participation, instead of just monitoring, in those institutions was crucial.

“It seems that the move (Eulex departure) is in line with the Western countries’ policy aimed at eliminating the international presence in Kosovo,” Drecun added.